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In the UK, your writing, music, images and videos are automatically protected by copyright the moment you create them – as long as you haven’t copied them from somebody else. The idea behind your work isn’t protected, but the creative work itself is.

This means that if someone wants to copy or use your creative work, they usually have to ask your permission, and you can set the conditions for how the work can be used. You can also charge people to use the work.

You don’t have to register text, music, images or videos for copyright. But it’s a good idea to prove that you created the work on a certain date. It's also a good idea to help people to find you so that they can get permission to use your work.

You might want to negotiate each permission personally or you might want to appoint someone to do this on your behalf, in the role of an agent or representative, and to join a collective licensing organisation. Your appointed representative can then charge people for a licence to use your work and pay you royalties (a share of the money every time somebody uses your work).