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Support the Copyright Hub

Ways in which you can help support our work

Copyright done right. The Copyright Hub aims to help copyright work the way the internet works by making the process of giving and getting permission - the basic building block of the copyright process - able to work better. It's a remarkable project which brings together expertise, experience, technical ambition and realism around an ambitious vision to create practical and useful solutions to otherwise sticky problems.

We are funded by donations, primarily from the UK creative sector, and operate with a tiny staff and the immense financial and logistical support of our many stakeholders.

Our technology is being created in partnership with the immensely talented and ambitious team at the Digital Catapult, who also generously provide us with office space and numerous other facilities.

It is important to us that our support continues to come from a wide range of contributors worldwide. If you support our aims please also consider making a financial donation to support our work. We operate with a very modest budget but it is true to say that - within reason - the more we have, the more we can do.

For the year beginning in December 2014 we are seeking to raise £500,000 or more to support our work. We will use this to meet our hugely increased work programme for the coming year. This will include developing more of the use cases that have been proposed to us to help bring them to market, improving our outreach and awareness, completely overhauling our website to provide better and more relevant information in more ways including videos and much deeper and more comprehensive information, To help with this we will also slightly increase the size of our team.

To find out how to contribute please contact us. We'll answer any questions you may have and will gratefully accept contributions in any form which support our work.

The Copyright Hub Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.